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Project Description
Autumn is a game engine for hobbyists to professional game developers to simplify development of XNA games across multiple platforms. It is developed in C# 3.5 and officialy supports Windows , Zune HD and Xbox.

0.4 Released!


*Development Resumed
  • August 8th. Development has returned and 0.6 should be out soon. The project will be migrating to XNA 4.0. It will use the beta until RTM is released, at which point 1.0 will ship.
  • Seeking developers
    • Autumn Engine is seeking developers to reach the 1.0 stage. Artists, programmers and sound artists are all needed, and documentation writers would also be helpful
If interested, please Email Me (
  • Project Launched
    • November 4th marks the day that the Autumn Game Engine begins development.
It is designed to be highly modular and to work on many platforms, with focus on ease of use and stability rather than performance.
2D support is standard, with 3D support not a major concern.

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